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Welcome to the website

Hi my name is Mark Porter and I’m VP of group operations at The Protectors Group. Welcome to our website. We’ve put together a series of short videos to help you better understand employee benefit programs, group retirement plans and executive compensation packages.

A well structured affordable benefit plan is an excellent way to attract new staff and also to retain key employees but companies can face an amazing array of options that can seem confusing and complicated. That’s where we come in. We are a second generation consulting firm that’s been providing knowledgeable, cost effective insurance advice to businesses in the Peterborough, Lindsay, Halliburton, Port Hope and Cobourg regions for over twenty five years. Have a look around and be sure to check out both our news and our blog sections.

Call or email me if you have any questions or if you’d like to discuss your options.

Evaluating your current plan

I’d like to take a few minutes to talk to you now about evaluating your current plan. Is it sustainable and is it proactive? Answering a few of the following questions may help you determine whether or not you’re on the right track.

First of all, does your plan meet the demands of an aging work force? Most employers value there older staff due to their experience and hard work ethic. The reality is however in order to have those staff lead your organization in the future, there’s going to have to be a commitment to investing in employee benefits.

Second, are you looking for sources of waste to claim dollars? Often times a detailed analysis and a bench marking exercise can find more effective uses for your premium dollars.

Next what resources are available to your sickest employees? Often times the illest staff are those who require the most attention, the most resources and are often those who are left by the wayside in a typical employee benefit plan.

Another question to ask yourself is whether or not your employee benefit plan compliments your corporate values? Do you view your employee benefit plan as an investment in your staff or do you have an employee benefit plan because you must to compete within your industry?

Finally, is the administration of your benefit and group retirement plan compliant with applicable laws and legislation? Often times we find that perspective clients aren’t even aware that there plans are non compliant. We would appreciate an opportunity to provide you with a compliance audit which would allow us to determine whether there is any gaps within your procedures.

My name is Mark Porter and I’m the vice president of group operations at The Protectors Group. We’ll help you figure out the answers and I promise you we’ll work hard to earn your business.


You may have heard of the bait and switch sales tactic. In fact you may have even been a victim of it at one time or another. In the group insurance industry, the bait and switch sales tactic is one of the most prevalent sales tactics used by competing brokers. The unfortunate part with this is marketing your benefit plan and simply coming in with a low ball quote doesn’t provide value or sustainable savings. Often times we will see clients faced with aggressive second and even third year renewal pricing that typically negates the entire savings of the first year premium savings.

Let’s face it every employer is looking to save money. However most of our clients are looking for a combination of value, service and long term sustainable savings, not just a flash in the pan. If your current broker’s only innovative solution to dealing with rising benefit costs is to shock your plan, maybe it’s time you gave The Protectors Group a call. We aren’t going to low ball you, just to earn a quick buck and eventually lose your trust. We’re going to help you understand your plan, understand the costs and understand the opportunities for savings.

I’m Mark Porter from The Protectors Group and I promise we’ll work hard to earn your business.

Forward thinking benefit plans

I’m willing to bet that you get phone calls every week from insurance brokers telling you that they're different or that they're cheaper. They’re going to promise you that they can provide you with savings and the reality is maybe they can. The question is though if they’re willing to tell you that they can provide you with savings without actually having an understanding of your organization and having a look at some of the financial information that’s a blanket statement that just might not be true.

So the question is how do you get to the truth? How do you know which insurance carrier to go with? And how do you know who to trust? In my opinion, the key to choosing the right insurance carrier is starting with the right insurance broker, but remember anyone can shop the market, there’s no talent in that. It takes an experienced, proven team to deliver the following.

  • Deliver cost stability and predictability over the long term.
  • Provide you with insight as to where your costs are heading and exactly why
  • Prove you with forward thinking strategies to help you deal with your most pressing benefit related issues.

The bottom line is as an employer you want someone to help you see the curve in the road up ahead before it’s too late and before it cost you money. We’ve been helping local business with their insurance needs for over 25 years. We're big enough to do the job and we're small enough to offer old fashion personable service. We have a real office that supports the communities that we live in and do business in. We recognize that we can’t be all things to all people and that’s why we’ve chosen to specialize in employee benefit plans, that in turn has allowed us to become a leader in our field.

My name is Mark Porter of The Protectors Group and I promise to work hard to earn your business.

The "painless-switch"

It amazes me that every so often we will meet with an organization, review their program and come up with something that’s clearly a better fit. The initial excitement of this better approach is suddenly replaced with apprehension and hesitation. They’re afraid that a program change is going to result in a ton of paper work and a lot of extra work for their staff. So in response we’ve created the painless switch. It’s our commitment to your firm that we will make it easy.

We will;

  • Handle the termination of your existing plan and take care of the communication with your current carrier.
  • Fill out enrolment forms for you and your team.
  • Provide announcement letter and create customized communication piece to tell your staff why you have chosen to change insurance carriers.
  • Address any disability related liabilities you may or may not be aware of.
  • Train your plan administrator to effectively administer your plan; and
  • Host and orientation meeting for your employees

Saving money and enhancing your plan doesn't have to be painful or complicated

My name is Mark Porter of The Protectors Group and I promise we'll work hard to earn your business.